How Do Orthodontists Fix Overbites In Children?

April 26, 20230

Do your child has an overbite? But there are ways to fix an overbite. Can braces correct the overbite problem? Many people come up with this question, and the answer is Yes. Overbite braces are the most common device that can help to fix an overbite problem.

When visiting the orthodontist, they may suggest many treatment options for an overbite. Depending on the severity of your child’s case, your dentist may recommend treatment options.

An overbite needs to be fixed as early as possible or later, and setting it may take more time and cost even more. There are two terms “overbite” and “overjet.” The term “overbite” is used to describe the front teeth that overlap vertically. But most people use the phrase to explain how the teeth overlap horizontally. Although the term “overjet” is used informally by most people to tell the horizontal overlap of teeth, it is the correct phrase. To know more about overbites, you can consult with orthodontists specialists in Florida.

What is an Overbite?

Jaw misalignment results from an overbite (a deep or closed bite). Therefore, it occurs when the top teeth overlap the bottom teeth.

When the mouth is closed, the upper teeth overlap with the bottom teeth by more than 20%. Over 20% is considered an overbite, and you may need orthodontic treatment.

While some overbites will be apparent, others may be less apparent. A visit to an orthodontist is the best approach to finding out if an overbite is present. To examine the teeth and determine the severity of the overbite, an orthodontist will take some X-rays to confirm it. To know more about it, you can see overbite before and after braces pictures to see if the dentist has worked on the same overbite problem.

It is also necessary for children around age seven when their mouth is still growing and the adult teeth have just begun to erupt. Children should consult an orthodontist, and children who receive early orthodontic care can effectively correct an overbite.

What are the causes of overbites?

Having certain habits may increase an overbite risk. The following factors may cause children’s overbites:

  • Continual thumbsucking in young children
  • prolonged dummy use in kids
  • Some children have nail-biting habits that can cause an overbite to occur.
  • Chewing on pens or other intricate items
  • Some children may genetically develop an overbite due to teeth grinding (bruxism). Nevertheless, genetics apart, avoiding these habits as soon as possible can reduce the likelihood of getting an overbite.

Talk to a pediatric dentist Miami, fl, if your child has such habits. It is better to reduce the practices that can cause an overbite problem.

Can Braces Fix An Overbite?

Many ways can help to fix an overbite. You must first visit an orthodontist to see if it is an overbite. The professional orthodontist will examine and know the severity of the cause. After reviewing the overbite, your dentist will pick a few treatment options, including braces or surgery, to fix an overbite.

Braces alone can’t fix an overbite. That is why your dentist may suggest the following:

  • Rubber bands
  • Palatal expander
  • Jaw surgery
  • Tooth removal

In Conclusion:

Schedule an appointment with your dentist. To know how the treatment looks, you can ask the dentist for overbite before and after images to ensure the treatment. Visit your dentist now for more details.