How is a Gingivectomy Done?

January 10, 20220

Gingivectomy might be a potential destroyer, not only with your aesthetic look but also influence your lifestyle. However, many people believe that it is a small thing, but imagine having your complete day nagging with the gum detected and this can be very painful and diverting many a time.  The problem of Gingivectomy Near Me is very common and mostly seen in every 50% of the population. So it is always good to have an early treatment of gingivectomy to avoid any severe issues.

Let’s know more about gingivectomy in depth.

What is Gingivectomy?

Gingivectomy is a surgical process of extracting the gum tissue or gingiva. The Gingivectomy Dentist Houston uses to cure a situation like gingivitis. This is the extraction of additional gum tissue for cosmetic purposes, like to enhance your smile.

Who is the best candidate for gingivectomy?

Gingivectomy Dentist Near Me is recommended when you have gum recession from-

  • Bacterial infections,
  • Aging,
  • Gum injury, and
  • Gum disease-like gingivitis.

What Causes Irregular Gum Lines?

Gingivectomy is the best option for individuals who are having gum coverage for too many teeths or enough of the teeth. Gums that are higher will lead to your teeth looking thinner. The gum deterioration will occur due to the placing of dental implants and crowns. The causes of genetics and periodontal diseases are also the signs of gum lines.

What is the process of gingivectomy?

Normally, the gingivectomy may take half an hour or more than this depending on the amount of gum tissue that is extracted. If there are only a few teeths that need treatment, then it requires only one session, while the inclusion of the complete process would take a few visits and time to heal between them.

Gingivectomy Procedure starts with local anesthesia to numb your area. With either the use of a gingivectomy laser tool or scalpel, then the dentist would cut away from the gum tissue. Always expect your dentist to maintain a suction tool in your mouth to eliminate the excess saliva while they work.

Further, the dentist of Memorial City Laser Dentistry uses a special laser to eliminate the leftover tissue and provide a shape of your gum line. At last, they implement a soft, pliable substance and bandages to your gums for protection for the healing process.

What care is required after a gingivectomy?

Often many patients receive their normal oral care system in a few months after the process of Gingivectomy Houston Tx. Taking a regular dental checkup from a professional dentist will assure the success of your surgery. The dental specialist who is performing the surgery will take follow-ups with every 3 months visits to a dentist, and then visit a dental clinic at least twice a year to clean in and around the surgical area.

What Are The Advantages of Gingivectomy?

The main benefits of gingivectomy from the Houston Dental Office may include-

  • If the roots of your teeth are visible, then the gingivectomy will decrease the openness to cold, acidic, and sweet substances.
  • The process of this is a less invasive and healthy treatment ensuring the patients will be comfortable and relaxing without the severe risk or the mild ones.


Hopefully, the above article has made you understand everything about gingivectomy, its meaning, and its process. To get more information about this term, do visit our website. Also, want to get this treatment done, then contact Laser Dental Center Houston.