How is the stainless steel 446 round bar calculated?

February 6, 20230

Stainless Steel bars are used all over the world for various applications. Different types of equipment need steel bars of varying lengths. Stainless Steel 446 Round Bar forms that type of steel that has a very heady demand in the industries and therefore, it needs to be checked for its weight and dimensions.

Here’s how you can calculate the weight of steel bars:

Weight in kilograms per metre = dia.mm2 x 0.006165

Weight in lbs. per foot = dia.mm2 x 0.004143

Check out 446 Stainless Steel Round Bar Sizes:-

Sizes (mm) / ISO Tolerance

Cold Drawn and Polish: 3.00 – 75.0 / h8-h9-h10-h11

Cold Drawn and Ground: 10.00 – 75.00/ h8-h9-h10-h11

Peeled and Polished: 40.00 – 150.00/ h11, h11-DIN 1013

Peeled and Ground: 20.00 – 50.00 / h9-h10-h11

Stainless Steel 446 Square Bar Sizes:-

Size (mm): Weight per meter (Kg)

12 x 12: 1.14

30 x 30: 7.11

16 x 16: 2.02

40 x 40: 12.60

20 x 20: 3.16

50 x 50: 19.80

25 x 25: 4.94

Is the 446 stainless steel bar magnetic?

446 Stainless Steel is a steel grade that belongs to the 400 Series of steel. It is ferritic with a higher chromium content that reaches more than 23%. Being one of the ferritic grades, 446 Stainless Steel cannot be hardened by heat treatment and therefore, is known to be magnetic. Apart from being magnetic, its high chromium content makes it highly resistant to corrosion and oxidation. It is very ductile and is used widely in industries all around the world.

Due to its magnetism, however, the steel grade is deemed less capable of machining. It has a ferritic structure due to which it can endure high mechanical forces up to 500 degrees Celsius. Its sub-parts are considered hard for welding and it even lacks behind in providing good forginability.

Is 440c stainless steel square bar cheap?

Grade 440C Stainless Steel is a highcarbon martensitic stainless steel. It offers high strength and good hardness. The chemical composition of Grade 440c steel includes 79.15% of Iron, 17% of Chromium, 1.1% of carbon, 1.1% of Manganese, 1% of Silicon along with 0.75% of Molybdenum. Due to the high amount of chromium present, the steel offers strict corrosion resistance along with good wear resistance.

The square bars for Grade 440c stainless steel along with other products are used in applications such as the manufacture of gage blocks, cutlery instruments, ball bearings, molds, knives, valve components, and measuring instruments. It can be easily machined when in the annealed condition and forged with the help of heat treatment. The spare bars cannot be considered cheap as they go around with prices ranging from $6- $11 per kg and ₹351-₹400 per kilogram in India.

What is the difference between stainless steel and a 440c stainless steel round bar?

Stainless steels are a type of steel which have high chromium content along with other raw materials present in it. The presence of Chromium makes the high-alloy steels have high corrosion resistance compared to other steels. They are divided into three types based on their crystalline structures, namely, ferritic, austenitic, and martensitic steels. Precipitation-hardened steels are another group of stainless steel. They are a combination of martensitic and austenitic steels. Different grades come under the category of these steels which makes their classification easier.

Stainless Steel Grade 440c is one of the types of Stainless Steel that is available in the market. They have a composition that makes them different from other grades. It has high carbon content which gives it high strength and good wear resistance. It is a martensitic type of steel and comes in different products. The 440C Stainless Steel Round Bar forms one of the products of the Garde 440c Stainless Steel.

Is Qatar tax-free for a 446 ss round bar?

The imports and exports of steel and other raw materials are done all over the world. The greatest producers and exporters of steel include countries of China, the US, France, the United Arab Emirates, the UK, India, and many more. The materials are exported to different countries including Saudi Arabia and European countries as well.

The Middle East also forms a spot for the production of elite steel products. Qatar, being a country in the Middle East does participate in exporting and importing goods. If you’re looking for suppliers from Qatar, one search on your website will show you many manufacturers and factories. However, Qatar is not tax-free for steel products. According to reports, Qatar imposes a 20% tariff (tax) on iron bars and rods, non-alloy hot-rolled steel, and 12-millimeter steel bars as well as cement. Any steel product including the 446 ss round bar is not tax-free.

Why do 440c round bars cost less in China than in India?

China forms one of the biggest producers of the world’s steel and that too at prices that are way too low to accept. According to a few reports, China has installed a steel capacity of up to 1.2 billion tonnes which is more than 50% of the world’s overall capacity. In the recent past, there was a lot of demand for steel in Chinese domestic markets itself but now as the domestic demand has ceased, China is dumping steel in the international markets extravagantly.

With the abundance of steel in the country and incentives given by the Chinese government to prevent the shutting down of the business, Chinese steel costs less than Indian-manufactured steel. Moreover, the technology is very advanced and labor being easily available also affects the cost of the product. India, on the other hand, manufactures products at an expense higher than that of the Chinese but gives out products of quality.