How Much Value Does Sapphire Hold?

April 5, 20220

Natural sapphire is one of the most valuable, most precious, and rarest blue-colored gemstones. They are highly desirable and popular gemstones due to their beautiful royal blue color, durability, hardness, and luster prefix. Color plays the most important role in sapphire. The closer the sapphire is to pure blue, the better it is. As most of the gems in the market are greyish. The top sapphires such as pure royal blue ones reach vivid saturation. The dark color sapphires are easily available on the market in abundance but they never reach high price value.

Why are synthetic sapphires so popular nowadays?

Natural sapphires take millions of years to form under the exacting condition. This makes them highly popular, unique, exceedingly rare, and highly sought after. While most people want natural sapphire not all of them to afford it due to its high prices. synthetic sapphire on the other hand is created in a lab and they are almost the same in appearance and lower price than natural sapphire. These factors contribute to making man-made sapphires popular among those who can’t afford natural sapphires.

What exactly is Linde Star Sapphire?

Sapphires are one of the few gemstones that produce a shape of a star of four to six light-reflecting rays across the center or middle of a cut stone. With the perfect luminous star, the lab-made Linde Star Sapphire is too good to be natural. the star is visible even in the dim light and it reflects perfectly even rays that are so clear that some jewelers and gem experts say it looks like “painted on”. In contrast to it, the natural sapphire semi-precious stone has slightly uneven rays and is a bit thicker in appearance.

What types of sapphires are very popular?

Sapphires may not be the Rarest Gemstones but it is very popular and fascinating in many ways. It comes in a variety of different colors which contributes to its value and price. Among all the sapphires the royal blue ones are the most expensive and popular among people. But there are also other sapphires who attract the attention of people as they look really attractive such as

  • Pink sapphires. They are increasing in popularity for engagement rings. They have their own value and allure
  • Green sapphires. They are a non-traditional and lesser-known variety of sapphire.
  • White sapphire. They are the most similar to diamonds in appearance. They are popular as well. They make a good and cheap alternative for diamonds.
  • Yellow sapphire. are captivating and beautiful. The color is generally very vibrant and warm and complements most settings of the jewelry well. Yellow sapphires may look quite similar to yellow diamonds but make an affordable alternative.


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