How to Cable Pullover for a Stronger Back

June 21, 20220

Cable pullovers are an effective exercise to strengthen your middle back. When this muscle group is strong, it helps you have better posture and increases your ability to do other exercises like squats and deadlifts with heavier weights, making them more effective and efficient at working the intended muscles. This guide covers how to cable pullover safely so you can use it as part of your regular workout routine.

Where is your cable pullover most effective?

Cable pullover are great for targeting your back muscles. That’s because in addition to working your back, they also activate some of your chest muscles. This has two benefits: First, it improves posture by strengthening your upper back and shoulders. Second, it helps you build balanced muscles so that you don’t look lopsided when you have clothes on (i.e., wearing a tank top without a bra). If you feel like cable pullovers are effective on their own but want more muscle growth in one area, combine them with exercises such as chest presses or flys. This will help target each muscle individually while also bringing them together into one cohesive unit that looks proportional and balanced overall.

What muscles does it target?

The cable pullover strengthens and stretches your rhomboids, middle trapezius, and rear deltoids. That makes it useful both as an accessory exercise (to strengthen and build muscle) or as part of a warm-up or post-workout routine. Cable pull over are also one of my favorite exercises for preventing injuries in high-rep sets because they get you into (and out of) difficult lifting positions slowly and with control. If you do them slowly enough, that is. Here’s how to do them properly.

The perfect amount of weight

By using just enough weight to activate your muscles but not so much that you’re in danger of swinging, you can get a much more effective workout than you would with too little or too much resistance. Here are some guidelines based on your gender and weight. Women who weigh 120 pounds should use 2.5 pounds; those who weigh 160 pounds should use 5 pounds. Men who weigh 160 pounds should use 8-10 pounds; those who weigh 220 pounds can use 10-15 pounds (yes, it’s twice as heavy). Focus on engaging your back muscles throughout each pullover and try doing 3 sets of 8 repetitions every other day.

When should you use this exercise?

This is an excellent choice of exercise for when you want to target your back, but you want to move slowly and stretch out your muscles. Cable pullovers are particularly good after long periods of inactivity when you need some extended stretching time. Alternatively, they are also a great way to start off with lower weights when starting out on a new strength training regimen. Use cable rope pullovers early in your workout if you’re using high weight and aiming at pure strength development, as well as last in your routine if you’re training with high repetitions and aiming at muscular endurance or general conditioning.

Tips for Success

To get maximum benefit from your cable pullovers, it’s important to make sure you are doing them correctly. First, start with light weights and work your way up—heavier weights will be difficult to control and could strain your shoulder joint. Second, keep in mind that proper form is very important. When performing a cable pullover with an EZ-bar, take care not to arch your back; instead, try holding yourself as close as possible to an upright position. Finally, focus on good posture throughout—don’t allow yourself to slump forward or backward. Cable pullovers can help strengthen your entire upper body; by using them in combination with traditional strength training exercises like squats and lunges, you’ll get results that last!