Things to See and Do in Morocco: A Travel Guide for Adventure-Seekers

December 10, 20220


Traveling to Morocco, one of Africa’s most exciting destinations, can seem daunting because of the country’s size and the variety of options available to you once you arrive, but luckily there are some ways to get started that make it much easier to plan what to see and do in Morocco by your interest.

Hang out in the Medina

The Medina is the heart of Marrakech. It’s where you’ll find all of the souks, palaces, mosques, and other attractions that make Marrakech such a captivating city. It’s also an ancient walled fortress that has been standing since the 12th century. The Medina can be explored on foot or by horse-drawn carriage. If you’re looking for some extra insight into the local culture, consider booking a guided walking tour of the area with one of our recommended tour companies.

Ride a Camel

The Camel Trekking is a two-hour excursion into the desert. You’ll be riding on one of the most iconic animals of North Africa, a camel! The camels are easy going and well trained, which makes it perfect for children as well. Here are some fun facts about camels: Camels can drink up to 50 gallons of water in one single drink. That’s a lot! Camels also have three eyelids that act as sun protection. After your ride, you’ll have lunch at the local restaurant before you head back to Marrakech. Book online now your Desert Tours In Morocco.

Trek through the Atlas Mountains

The Atlas Mountains are a must see when traveling to Morocco Trekking. Some of the best trekking opportunities can be found here. The mountains offer sweeping views of the surrounding landscape, beautiful valleys, and ancient villages. They also have a rich history including religious significance as they are home to the holy city of Marrakech. There are many different trekking tours available so it’s easy to find one that suits you best.

Drink Moroccan Mint Tea

Morocco is a country with an abundance of natural beauty that’s waiting to be explored. While there are many things to do, the best way to experience Morocco is by relaxing and enjoying the culture. The best place to do this is from a hammam or hammadiya, which are public baths where people come together for relaxation, socializing and grooming. If you’re not into bathing with strangers though, there are plenty of other options like visiting one of the many museums or historical sites found throughout the country. Be sure not miss out on some of the unique Moroccan mint tea while you’re in town!

Shop in a Souk

A Souk is a central marketplace, open-air or covered bazaar. The word originates from the Arabic word souq meaning market. A Souk is typically an area with a large number of shops that sell wares of similar type. Typically, you’ll find different types of food, clothing and household goods; however, the items are not always the same as what you might find at a standard grocery store.

The Medina of Marrakesh is one of the largest Sook markets in all of Africa. This ancient city was once one of the most important commercial centers on the continent due to its strategic location near trade routes that crossed North Africa from East to West.

Climb Mount Toubkal

 The most popular mountain among the locals is Mount Toubkal (4,165 meters high), which is situated near Marrakech. The trek up takes about 3 days. There are a few different routes you can take, but the most famous one starts from Asni and finishes at Imlil.

The summit of Toubkal offers spectacular views of the High Atlas Mountains, especially on a clear day. People often stay overnight at the Refuge du Toubkal before heading back down because it’s so cold up there!

A hike up Mount Toubkal should not be attempted without proper equipment like hiking boots, an ice axe, crampons and a headlamp as well as basic knowledge of climbing techniques.

 Relax on a Beach

If you’re looking for a Morocco Beach Tours, look no further than the shores of Morocco. There are plenty of beaches all along the Mediterranean coast that offer everything from surfing to kite surfing. The most famous of these is Essaouira, which is known as the prettiest seaside town in Africa. It’s also home to the largest fort on Africa’s Atlantic coast. Other popular destinations include Agadir, Casablanca, and Tangier.