What Are The Different Types Of Braces And The Alternatives?

November 8, 20210

Our cosmetic dentistry has advanced a lot, especially from the previous twenty years. When you have the various options to select the desired material for your braces, you can consult your Miami orthodontist to determine the best one for you. You can find the braces in different colors, shapes, and sizes, you choose the most suitable one that exactly matches your requirements.  Other than that, you can determine the treatment type on the basis of the budget, your orthodontist’s preferences, your personal preferences, and the size of the treatment.  You can check orthodontist reviews online to know about the one you are going to visit.

Different types of braces are discussed below:

1) Ceramic:

Ceramic braces are a great choice for people who own white teeth already. Their teeth can be easily blended with selected shades of ceramic braces. Whereas with metal braces your smile’s appearance may get spoiled. These braces are very strong by nature and a great option for those who are very concerned about their overall appearance. These braces offer a more definite look to the patient. Visit an affordable orthodontist near me to know the best choice of braces.

2) Invisalign:

These types of braces are the best choice for patients who don’t have severe orthodontic issues. The Invisalign braces are made up of transparent plastic material that is customized according to your teeth and jaw. These are easily removable. Therefore, you can get them off when you are eating or sleeping. However, the time consumed in the treatment may be longer than in traditional braces. Since there is no metal part involved in the braces, the Invisalign process is quite painless.  Consult your orthodontist in Aventura Florida to know detailed information about the process.

3) Lingual:

Lingual braces are like traditional metal braces but they are installed on the backside of your teeth so that they are less visible. This type of braces requires specially trained orthodontists to install the braces. The treatment time compared to traditional braces may be longer. Also, they are more expensive. Make an appointment with your orthodontist best near me to know if this option is suitable for you or not.

4) Metal (traditional) braces:

You can also get gold-plated braces for individuals who are allergic to nickel. At the orthodontist’s office, you can also opt for colored ligatures. The ‘O’-shaped rubber band that is installed around the bracket and over the arch wire is also available. Get an orthodontist consultation to know all about it.

Youngsters who are more adventurous by nature may choose smile brackets which are quite similar to traditional braces. But these smile brackets are available in a variety of shapes including a flower, star, heart, football, and baseball. They are the best alternative in order to get further customization of your dental braces. Get professional advice from orthodontist Hallandale about what can be the best way to get an attractive smile.

Visit an orthodontist nearby to get the initial consultation, proper diagnosis, and the correct type of treatment to get a perfect smile.