What Does the Dentist Do When Wisdom Teeth Are Infected?

September 19, 20220

Getting third molars is uncomfortable in even the best circumstances. Still, if they get infected or decayed, your discomfort becomes a throbbing pain. The location of your wisdom teeth makes them susceptible to infection. They are at the very back of your teeth; this makes brushing and flossing your wisdom teeth difficult. Therefore your wisdom teeth quickly get infected. When your teeth get infected, you should immediately visit Memorial Emergency Dental for the proper treatment and examination because the infection can spread to other body parts, including your jaw and your head.

During your visit to the Memorial Dentists, they will clean the surrounding area and clear food particles, debris, and bacteria, then prescribe you a course of oral antibiotics. If your infection issue doesn’t resolve, your dentist recommends molar tooth removal at Best Dental Implants Near Me.

What are wisdom teeth?

Your wisdom teeth are the third molar. They are the large teeth at the far back of your mouth, which makes it difficult to survive in a lesser space. Most people get wisdom teeth between the age of 17 and 25. Like other teeth, your wisdom teeth can:

  • Get a cavity and decay.
  • Become impacted or fractured.
  • Get stuck below or in the gum line.

Causes of Wisdom Tooth Infection

There are various possible causes of infection in a wisdom tooth or where the tooth once was. These include:

An impacted wisdom tooth

Impact teeth situation may happen when your jaw has insufficient space for a wisdom tooth to the eruption; in these situations, Memorial Emergency Dentist recommends tooth crowding.

If your third molar teeth emerge partially from your gums line or are trapped beneath it. Either way, this may lead to inflammation of your gums and infection around the wisdom teeth.


A cavity or decay in your wisdom teeth can also cause infection. Because wisdom teeth are found at the back of your mouth, your brush can’t reach them properly. Even flossing is difficult; as a result, your teeths are vulnerable to tooth decay. If you have impacted wisdom teeth, you should visit Dentist 77057 to prevent infection from surrounding teeth and gums.


Sometimes a wisdom teeth infection can result in the severe health problem, including:

  • A cyst is a pimple-like structure or a fluid sac that may be caused by impacted teeth or infection. Cysts can also your tooth canal or surrounding teeth and may weaken them.
  • Severe infection from your wisdom teeth can travel through your mouth, jaw, and even to your brain. Moreover, your tooth infection may spread to your bloodstream and begin plaque buildup, leading to heart attack or heart-related problems.

Sometimes, your wisdom teeth infection may cause sepsis, a severe health issue. Your dentist often recommends Infected Wisdom Tooth Removal to prevent tooth-related disease.