Can You Explain How Do Braces Actually Work?

June 10, 20220

Braces work by putting gentle pressure on your teeth over some time to move them in a specific position slowly. The bone under your teeth changes its shape too. The orthodontist North Miami makes braces from these materials.

Orthodontic bands

Stainless steel, transparent, or they glue the tooth-colored orthodontic bands to your teeth. They cover each tooth to function as a bracket anchor. The clear or tooth-colored bands are more aesthetically pleasing, but they are also more expensive than stainless steel. Bands aren’t for everyone. Some persons merely have braces brackets and no orthodontic bands.


The little squares on the front of each tooth are known as brackets. The dentist installs them with orthodontic bands or a specific binding agent. So, the arch wires that move your teeth are held in place by brackets, which act as handles. Brackets in affordable braces Miami come in various materials, including stainless steel, tooth-colored ceramic, and plastic.

The best orthodontist in Miami frequently uses them because they are harder to see. Brackets are sometimes cemented to the backs of your teeth to keep them hidden from view.

Elastic or Rubber bands

Hooks on the brackets are held in place by elastics or rubber bands. In various methods, the affordable braces Miami fits between your upper and lower teeth. So, they apply pressure to your upper molars against your lower molars to work effectively and correctly. You have many options for choosing your preferable color.


Orthodontists Miami fl attach the archwires to the brackets and serve as guides for your teeth’s movement. Metal archwires are available. Others are tooth-colored or transparent.

Buccal Tube

The buccal tube on the band of the last tooth keeps the archwires in place and prevents them from shifting.

Spacers and Ties

Spacers create a small gap between your teeth for the orthodontic bands to fit into. The best pediatric dentist Miami, fastened the archwire via ties, little rubber rings, or fine wires to the brackets. They come in various colors and materials, including clear, metal, and colored.


The arch wires are held to the brackets by tiny elastic rubber bands known as ligatures.


Some people may need a headgear, a wire device that pulls your upper teeth back in your mouth to fix bite problems or provide more space or room for crowded teeth. So, to keep the facebow component of your headgear in place, the orthodontist will attach headgear tubes to two bands on your top teeth.

Will braces cause pain?

You may feel discomfort when you first put on braces Hollywood fl. You’ll adjust to them when you start using a new appliance, such as headgear or rubber bands. Over-the-counter pain relievers can also help. Tell your orthodontist if you feel excessive pain after each adjustment. They will provide you with a special wax to cover up the sharp edges of the braces, or they will make the adjustments a bit differently.


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