Develop a Strong And Interesting Lifestyle

January 30, 20200

If you’re a guy who people stay away from because it seems like you just came out of the crapper with toilet paper hanging out of your pant leg and the door hit you on the way out, you’re going to have to work on developing a more interesting lifestyle as well as gain some more self-confidence.

Do not let women interrupt your process of pursuing and achieving the things you want to in life. If you are without a strong destiny or purpose in life, it is going to be so easy for any wind to sway you (such as a beautiful woman entering your perimeter).
You have to be so solidly focused on your path, goals and destiny that no woman can tear you away from it. Yes I know that the desire for sex is so strong, especially when it is so fragrantly and flagrantly waved in front of us, but you have to realize that sex is not everything. Yes, it’s great but ultimately it is STILL just only a part of your life; it is part of the balance.

If all you think about is sex because you can’t get any, you’re going to come off as desperate. It’s the ‘vibe’ you’re putting off and women can smell it (like the crapper scent). If you can have the strongest, rock solid path in life and make no excuses for it, this alone is more important than studying 1,000 pick uplines. This is natural pheromones that she can pick up from across the room.

Women WANT so desperately to meet a real man who doesn’t just give in to their (false) sense of (derived) power. American men will continue to be confused when it comes to women because they don’t understand all of the implications involved EVEN IF they are leading a strong and interesting lifestyle.

They are unknowingly letting a lot of social programming and behavior response get in their way of true success with women that can fit into their lifestyle. Some men have ‘figured out’ how to be successful with women, some men ‘become’ a man who makes it his main focus in life to ‘pick up’ or ‘seduce’ women. Most men, however are leading semi-interesting lives but are still having trouble with getting women.

I have made it my purpose to develop a strong and interesting lifestyle, and although women are an important aspect to the balance of my life, they are not my pure motivation for wanting to become something more. I really want to add a lot of value to the world and will, through my productions. Hot women are just a part of my orbital universe. Learn to become the center of your universe and not enter her orbit, because you will lose a lot of your own character, birthright and effectiveness.

There isn’t a woman on earth who could ‘trade off’ so I could ‘be lucky’ to be around her yet give up my own destiny. If you can have this strong of a purpose and be congruent with it everywhere you go and every second you live, magical things will start happening. Most men will just focus all of their energies and lose self-control when the next hot girl walks by. She is not your world and you know that you wouldn’t let her ‘control’ you in the future so why be like that up front?

When you are on YOUR path and not open to being swayed around by the perceptional visage of a woman and her drama, she will be attracted to the rock (you). Become an interesting and fascinating man and you will realize that every woman you do end up with will either fall in love with you, want to marry you, or experience tremendous fulfillment from what you can give her. She won’t be able to put in words the level of attraction and desire she feels for you.

This gives you more confidence and a stronger foundation from which to base future relationships on. You are the standard. You are the man. You may invite other women to share in your reality. Too many men are swayed by a beautiful woman’s drama and their edification of that reality. Centering your universe is truly more important than any pick up line.

Focus on your path and most often, the women will happen naturally as has happened to me. Biologically and naturally they are supposed to enter YOUR reality and not the other way around. Women are complaining because on the inside they are so tired of men basically entering a woman’s reality (see, even they know it isn’t right). You have the right to be a man and not let society’s ‘forced reality’ try and whip you into ineffectiveness with women forever.

This often means saying ‘No’ to women who don’t fit your idea of the relationship you want to have, or if she has too much drama for a relationship. This will really stump the beauties and you can feel your power meter rising when you really don’t care.
If you start conceding to her reality, the relationship will fall apart and she won’t call you back; BECAUSE it is not natural. This is part of the reason why we have a 50% divorce rate. Despite the feminist preachin’, women desperately desire men who will still be men. They are stronger now, so you really have to be congruent with your own reality and then will attract massive success.

Hey, if I end up marrying a dramatic supermodel I know that it will probably end in divorce, and I’d probably do it for publicity and status alone (it’s honestly a part of me, so who’d be fun for a while), but the only thing that will last is really to marry a traditional woman who doesn’t have all of the drama that beautiful, independent women bring to the table. I don’t plan on getting divorced and I think most men would want to lead their lifestyle with a woman who can support them and inspire them instead of nag and drag them down. How about you? Develop a strong life path.