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December 9, 20210

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Video Production Companies Media Brief

Upgraded 11.11.19 

Film Director’s Approach 

Idea 1. 

What can video production provide for my company? 

This concept focuses extra on making use of funny and also character narration to link to the audience. 

Hook: using typical storytelling techniques we pull the target market right into a story with a narrative created to develop tension as well as willpower. Creating Characters that we relate to and also characters that we such as make people feel invested in the tale. 

Increasing this suggestion, we thought it would certainly be excellent to use the premise of a quite possibly known 80’s film that focuses around two essential subjects that associate back to the Insure brand. Cars as well as The Future. 

‘ Back to the future as a style could be a fun and also paradoxical way of enveloping insurers’ core objective to urge people to address a brand-new and futuristic means of purchasing insurance. 

With this in mind, we took a crucial scene from Back to the Future 2, when Doc returns to inform Marty that something has failed with his children in the future.



Hook: video production is for everybody 

Suggestion 2: Back to the future 

Film Directors Story Outline: 

We open up on a peaceful suburban street in Manchester. It’s early morning and the only noise is the sound of an old man dragging a bin onto the street. The front door of No43 swings open and also Dave screams goodbye and also sees you later to his family from the front door.

He pulls out the paper from the letterbox and also unwinds it to reveal a headline …( something funny right here maybe about innovation and the future?).

He draws his phone out of his pocket, faucets it a couple of times, and starts to stroll towards his car.

The mail carrier methods, as well as they, exchange greetings.

As Dave pulls out his auto keys as well as pulls the manager of the chauffeur’s side door, there is an almighty gush of wind that forces the paper to fly out of his hands, a bright flash of light, as well as a screech of tires.

Dave stands, jaw opens surprised.

He slowly wants to his side at the mail carrier 2 homes down, which is likewise stood still jaw open.

They look back up the road, and also we see an old man running from a fixed automobile (cigarette smoking) in the middle of the street.

He’s screaming “Dave Dave”.

He runs out of taking a breath approximately Dave as well as bends over panting. Dave hasn’t relocated, hand still on the door manage and jaw still open.

” Dave, it’s concerning the future … … I obtained ta inform you concerning your future”.

Dave still stunned recalls at the mail carrier that is currently running away.

Dave responds “Well, I’m running a little bit late, I obtained ta be at an appointment in 20 mins to renew my chauffeur’s insurance coverage, and afterward my little girl is getting wed at 1.30 pm”.

The old man from the future proceeds.

” That’s it, Dave, that’s the trouble, you see you most likely to that appointment, however, the queue was specifically 85 individuals long. The desk staff was specifically 16 minutes late, therefore that meant it took you specifically 4 hrs 25mins and also 34 seconds to ultimately have your appointment. Yet after that Dave, the printer broke, as well as Elaine, the desk staff took exactly 8 mins to discover a brand-new one. By the time she finally renewed your insurance coverage you were specifically 34 minutes late grabbing your own and also the most effective male matches for the wedding, as well as when you returned to your home to obtain transformed your furious spouse had secured you out leaving a note on the door saying utilize the canine residence.

In your thrill to obtain change you tipped over in the yard and knocked yourself out on the yard fork … unfortunately you still hadn’t placed your pants on appropriately at this moment.

Dave responds …” Jeez …”. 

An old man from the future proceeds.” the factor is Dave, you missed out on the wedding event, and also your daughter did not get married. The bride and groom had such a row she left him. Your better half blamed you and then left you …”.

Dave still looking stunned replies “That all sounds pretty unfortunate …”.


The old man from the future proceeds … 

Contact an innovative video agency today. 

” Dave, you have to change your insurance policy method. You can subscribe to Insure and be fully insured in under 5 mins”.

Dave replies “Woah, that would certainly offer me time to squeeze in a game of golf and also possibly a haircut” he rubs his chin as well as nods to himself.

” Yeah ok, many thanks old man from the future”.

The old man checks is a future gadget, and also claims he needs to scamper… there is another catastrophe he needs to stop …”.

With that said, there is another flash of light and gust of wind and also the street drops silence one again.

The top window from Dave’s residence opens up, and his wife shouts out to him.

” Don’t fail to remember the matches, Dave”.

Dave grins and logs onto insure on his phone. 

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