Have You Thought About Selling Fashion

March 8, 20200

EBay has been referred to as the fashion capital of the internet, and with good reason. According to one ratings website, EBay’s Clothing, Shoes & Accessories category is the #1 website for fashion. The site attracts well over one million buyers a month who are specifically looking for fashion-related items; these same buyers spent $2.4 billion last year alone on items from the CS&A category.

EBay is often the first port of call for buyers looking for unique, rare or limited edition fashion items that no one else has. So if you’re thinking of expanding your business into another area, the fashion category of eBay is definitely worth considering. Not to mention the fact that hunting out and selling unique items that people want is actually FUN!

Once you make the decision to sell fashion-related items, there a few things that you need to bear in mind for maximum profits and a high sell-through rate.

First, be as specific as you can in your description of the item, including any flaws, color, size, measurements (waist and bust measurements are two of the most important), any history to the item (buyers love a story attached to an item), and any other details you can think of. A good rule of thumb with descriptions is that they can never be too long; buyers want to know everything (and more!) about an item. Just make sure that your descriptions are nicely laid out in a way that’s pleasing to the eye and with a natural progression.

Second, take good photos. I cannot emphasize enough how important good photos are in any listing, but especially in a category such as fashion.

Many items of clothing are truly unique so the importance of a good photo that shows the true color, pattern and style of an item cannot be overstated.

Third, make your shipping and return policies clear. It may seem scary to offer a no-quibble money-back guarantee on all your items, but trust me, it will boost potential buyers confidence which in turn prompts higher bids on an item. And you will be surprised at how rarely anyone will actually take you up on your money-back guarantee. The more you can throw in with your guarantee, the better. Promise to return shipping costs as well as the purchase price of the item, including the cost the buyer has to lay out to return an item to you. Sounds a bit extravagant? Think about it – how many sellers do you know of that offer a guarantee like that? Can’t think of one? Exactly. Not only will you set yourself apart from other sellers (and that is ALWAYS a good thing), you will earn yourself loyal customers who will buy from you over and over.

Another great thing about selling fashion on eBay is that it is an ever-changing marketplace with a constant demand for new products. That means that you can – with a little marketing savvy, an eye for products with ‘I want that!’ appeal, and great customer service – create a loyal customer base who will buy over and over from you.