How to get started with HIIT?

September 20, 20220

Adding high-intensity exercise can be great for a healthy lifestyle. There are many ways to add high-intensity workouts to your exercise routine, so start it now with The Gym Fitness Center. To initiate your HIIT, you must decide on your activity, running, biking, jumping rope, etc., and you can add them as starting exercises. Then, you can make your exercise duration with different timings or how long you are performing these intense exercises.

What is HIIT?

High-intensity exercises will get your heart racing and push you outside your comfort zone. Interval training is a set amount of time to do a movement for a set amount of time as one interval and repeat it until the time is up. For once, try a 100 m run in the beginning. As soon as your body acquires the basics, you can try interval training practically. You should not be doing HIIT every day.

Tips for HIIT:

  1. Don’t go all-out for running if you have not done any jogging recently.
  2. If you are going through joint pain or discomfort, initiate your exercise with a lower impact modality such as cycling or swimming.
  3. If you are working sufficiently, you must take a long enough rest. You can only maintain a sufficient intensity for HIIT if you take rest times equal to or longer than your work times.
  4. Try keeping your work periods under 30 seconds or till 30 seconds in the beginning.

Work duration, if longer than 30 seconds, will be brutal for you to support the intensity needed to count as HIIT.

  1. Begin your exercise with just a few cycles twice per week.
  2. HIIT training is on-demand, mainly when you perform higher-impact modalities.
  3. Take adequate recovery time between training sessions to avoid injuries.

Things to Remember:

Here are some essential tips to get the expected results from the best HIIT exercise:

  1. You should not perform high-intensity activities if you have any health issues like hypertension. HIIT is not advisable for you, so you can begin with moderate-intensity workout practices and slowly push your way up under the direction of a professional trainer.
  2. HIIT involves fast and high-impact exercises, so you must focus on your posture while exercising to avoid injury. If unsure of the correct postures, consult sweat 440 Gyms In Miami, Florida.
  3. If you are suffering from a pre-existing injury, consult your Fitness Places Near Me before trying any exercises mentioned overhead.
  4. Feeling breathless, painful, or uncomfortable while exercising at any point, stop the practice immediately and rest for a while until you feel comfortable.
  5. Always stay hydrated when you are performing these exercises to avoid cramps.
  6. If you are training, you should have the proper nutrition to get the best-desired results. A balanced diet with a good protein intake can benefit your muscles to recover.


Exercising a full-body HIIT workout has no boundaries. You can add many variations to your workout routine to keep it engaging and exciting. There are many pieces of training like Tabata training that you can implement to get the expected results.

Consider working with a professional of Closest Gym to enhance the effects of your HIIT training routine.