Why do you need a Kids orthodontist?

May 12, 20210

When a child is born, within the duration of the first six months he or she starts having the first set of their baby teeth. When a child reaches the age of 7 or 8 years then these first set of milk teeth starts to lose the roots. After this, the baby teeth are being replaced by the permanent teeth slowly. The set of permanent teeth are known as Secondary teeth. As a parent, if you fail to assist in maintaining your child’s oral hygiene during that period then it may cause severe dental complications and pain during their entire life. So to prevent such kind of oral complications to your child you need the help of a kids orthodontist.

In children, dental diseases could become more common than asthma and fever as much as five times. It is very necessary to take proper steps to remedy this dental disease. The first step begins with searching for “ best orthodontist” or “Kids orthodontist near me” on your cellphone or laptop. One has to complete four years of dental school and two years of training in kid’s dental care to become the kid’s orthodontist.

What are the Benefits of Seeing a Kid-Friendly Dentist?

When you visit the orthodontist with your child for the first time then you want to ensure the best experience your child gets there. So this is the main reason that general dentistry for kids must be kid-friendly. The language of the dentist should be simple so that your child can understand the treatment better.

Which braces colors can look good on children?

You need to pick braces colors which is suitable and looking good on the teeth of your child. Your child has to wear these braces for months and for years. Some of the most common braces colors are Blue, green, red, pink, and purple. In case you want to show your creativity then you have an option to mix match and create your own combination. Don’t just go for black or brown and yellow or green. In these colors, it may look like there is something stuck in your kid’s teeth.

What is the cost of braces for kids?

The ages between 8 and 14 are the most suitable for fitting the braces for children. Because after the age of 7 they lost all of their baby teeth and the molars have erupted. According to the Association of the Indian dental, the first screening of the child should be done after the age of seven. If the braces are fitted to the child before the seven then the process can take much longer and the cost of braces for kids also increases during this period.

There are a variety of braces available. Depending on your child’s particular problem the braces are recommended by the Orthodontist. The types of braces are :

Removable aligners- They can perfectly fit over the teeth of a child and look like they are guarding the mouth.

Metallic traditional braces- This type of braces has steel wires and brackets.

Damon braces – This type of braces do not require any kind of steel wires. There are only brackets present in them that holds the teeth together.