Can I Get Underbite Correction Without Surgery?

December 8, 20210

The most usual problem which occurs is incorrect bites and this leads to embarrassment in people because it alters their looks. The problem of underbite occurs when your upper and lower teeth don’t align correctly and the bottom tends to overlay the upper ones. Normally the underbite is apparent from the front of your face. When the underbite is easily available on your face, then your profile seems to be the most affected one. Also, this would be in the notice issues like difficulty in speaking and speaking if the underbite is specifically declared. Read the entire article for knowing how you will fix underbite issue without surgery. Let’s know more!

What do you mean by an underbite?

The problem of underbite is also called ‘malocclusion’. It is the situation when the person’s lower jaw points in front of the top jaw. The inconsistency shows the jaw and bottom teeth the most.

The underbite of a person is the effect of teeth misalignment or unusual formation of teeth. Hence, the result is not proper with facial and health structure.

Causes of underbite

Several factors are there to cause an underbite and penned down below are some of them-

  • Injuries include jaw and face surgery.
  • Genes mean many people are born with jaw misalignment
  • Poor habits of childhood ie, bottle feeding for a long period, thumb sucking, etc.

How do you correct an underbite without surgery?

For having the underbite correction without surgery in adults and kids, the two types of options are available-

  1. Underbite braces
  2. Underbite invisalign

Braces to correct an underbite

The underbite braces are mostly used for critical situations of underbites by the movement of teeth into their correct alignment. An underbite is dependent on the extraction of two or more teeth from the bottom jaw and this may lead to enhancing the look of an underbite.

There is no need to worry as the method is painless. A dental professional would apply a local anesthetic to the part of the teeth that need to be extracted. This will not lead to feeling a small pressure.

Further, this may lead to the medication for the use of top jaw enlargement or the “reverse-full” face mask at night to likely expand the upper jaw and pull the low jaw back into the right alignment.

Invisalign to correct the underbite

There are braces made up of metal that are usually famous for using mild to critical underbites, clear braces like Invisalign are the other way around to treat your underbite problem. Invisalign helps you in shifting your teeth into a good position with time using invisible retainers or aligners.

Further, the wearing of aligners should be for at least 22 hours per day for up to one year and slowly rectify your underbite.

These are sometimes used as dental elastics. The bands are connected with the buttons on Invisalign aligners and facilitate more force to enhance the teeth fit properly.

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