How Is Teeth Reshaping Done?

December 22, 20210

What is Teeth Reshaping?

Teeth Contouring Treatment is one of the most suitable, cost-effective options to fix chipped or poorly aligned teeth. This method will help you gain an attractive smile. Usually, dentists combine Cosmetic Tooth Contouring Pearland with dental bonding that includes the application of resin to enhance the entire tooth appearance of the teeth. Dentists usually prefer the Teeth Contouring Near Me for the patients needing front teeth reshaping or bonding.

Who Is The Suitable Candidate for Teeth Reshaping Pearland?

Want to protect your teeth from further damages like chips and fractures, or want to reduce the crowded appearance, or decrease the overlaps! You are the most suitable candidate for the treatment. A little teeth reshaping can make a huge difference in your smile. Your cosmetic dentist may need to have normal and healthy teeth. If the dentist removes a large amount of dental enamel, it might be possible that your teeth will become weak. That’s why tooth reshaping should be performed in limited or when there are minor changes, your dentist may combine it with veneers or bonding to have the best smile.

What Is The Process Of Cosmetic Contouring Teeth?

In order to restructure your teeth, your Cosmetic Dentist In Texas will remove tooth enamel using a laser or drill. Before proceeding further, the dentist conducts X-rays of the teeth to finalize the size and the location of the tooth pulp of each tooth to be sure that there is sufficient bone between the teeth to hold them properly. After that, dentists trim the distorted area to reduce the extensively long teeth to make them even for appropriate bite and alignment. Then,  the dentist performs teeth polishing treatment. The following treatment takes place in a thirty-minute appointment with the dentist. The actual time depends on the size of the treatment.

Why is bonding necessary with Teeth Contouring Pearland?

When the dentists combine teeth bonding with teeth reshaping to fill the cracks and gaps between the teeth, it can improve and add the shape of tooth color. Teeth bonding includes the application of putty-like resin that attaches to the teeth and hardens them. In order to get the best treatment results, the dentist colors the resin to improve or match the tooth color. This can cause tooth sensitivity. Therefore, your dentist may numb the area. Once the resin is applied and the dentist reshapes it, He or She passes light through it to harden it. Teeth bonding may take thirty minutes to one hour to complete and if multiple teeth are required to be treated, the patient may have to schedule several appointments.

What Is AfterCare Process?

Want to maintain the attractiveness of your smile! Follow your dentist’s instructions to do it.

Patients should follow some preventive measures such as;

  • Stop or avoid biting fingernails.
  • Avoid Chewing hard substances.
  • Ingestion of hard food substances
  • Avoid opening things with their teeth to lessen the chance of chipping or cracking.
  • Brush your teeth twice a day.
  • Avoid smoking, intaking beverages like tea, coffee and red wine as these things can stain the resin.

Dental Contouring Near Me can boost ones’ confidence by fixing uneven teeth. If we compare the time consumed in the treatment, it consumes less time than braces treatment or any other orthodontic treatment.