How To Fix Underbite Without Surgery?

July 28, 20210

An underbite is caused due to misalignment of the teeth in which the upper row of teeth bites behind the lower row of teeth. The reason behind this may be an overgrown lower jaw, an underdeveloped upper jaw, or a combination of two.  Make orthodontist appointment to correct bite issues.

What problems can an underbite cause?

Patients with an underbite can suffer from pain. Moreover, the wear of the upper and lower teeth end in tooth decay or the misalignment can produce jaw pain.  An underbite sufferer may also experience problems with eating and speaking. When it reaches its advanced stage it may cause issues in sleeping, snoring, and breathing.  Visit orthodontist nearby to get a flawless smile using dental orthodontics.

Why should you fix an underbite?

Underbites are easily fixable with both traditional underbite braces and Invisalign. Both methods will help stop the pain which is possibly associated with an underbite. You may also prevent severe jaw issues in the future so that eating or breathing can be easier. Visit a Miami orthodontist if you are wishing to get a flawless smile.

How do braces fix an underbite?

Braces are used to tighten over your teeth to straighten them and align your jaw. This can help fix an underbite because the braces are tightened multiple times during the overall length of your treatment. This orthodontic appliance such as underbite headgear; not only straightens and aligns your teeth but your jaw as well.

How does Invisalign fix an underbite?

During Invisalign treatment, the teeth set can be changed every two weeks. Each new aligner works best to achieve your final goal. Since Invisalign is customizable to fit your teeth, the aligners will gradually help achieve the smile you expected and the strong movement of your jaw. It is a perfect mode of underbite correction method.

Medical treatment:

The only way to fix underbite and align teeth correctly is through medical treatment. Medical treatment can enhance the appearance of an underbite. In a mild case of underbite, a dentist will use wire or plastic braces or other dental appliances to shift the teeth in the right place.  Your dentist may also use grinding and polishing using a dental appliance for the teeth that are large or stick out.

Underbite surgery:

Get the underbite treatment only from an oral certified surgeon to get effective results. There are several types of surgery to fix underbite that includes reshaping to widen the upper jaw or lessen the length of the lower jaw. The usage of wires, plates, or screws may help maintain the proper shape of the jaw bone. However, surgery may end with several risks including infection, bleeding problems, and scarring.


The cost of jaw surgery to fix an underbite may vary depending on the severity of the problem. You may have health insurance such as $100 for surgery or $5000 or more if the insurance plan includes a cap for jaw surgery.