Read Before You Take Invisalign Treatment?

June 15, 20210

What is the worst thing that troubles you about braces? No, we are not talking about being bullied. Rather it is the extremely painful meeting with the orthodontist and annoyance caused by the metal brackets affixed on your teeth. But as a parent, you should understand that getting your teen’s teeth straightened is not a punishment nor should it feel like a punishment. Invisalign treatment, made specifically for those who want comfortable teeth straightening, without being called metal mouth and other things.

Here are 5 common questions that are common between patients.

1. What is Invisalign?

It is a patented technology of Align Technology IncInvisalign is essentially a set of easy to wear and comfortable mouthguard type things called ‘aligners’ that are transparent, removable, and customized to fit individual mouth dental alignment. It was first thought by Dr. H.D. Kesling in 1945 about tooth positioners and their progress became reality with the help of modern technology? The FDA-approved product gives extensive orthodontic treatment for aligning the teeth regularly in an invisible way with no metal or wires required. Since 1997, Align has produced a huge number of aligners like 10 million aligners to serve almost 260,000 patients and counting. There are also over 30,000 certified and extensively trained dentists for Invisalign braces near me and dentists around the globe to practice Invisalign effectively.

2. How do invisible aligners straighten your teeth?

It all begins with 3-D computer imaging for understanding the entire orthodontic procedure plan and coming up with custom-made aligners that are designed for you. The Invisalign aligner system, they are made of strong, medical-grade plastic-made aligners. They look like tooth-whitening trays or retainers and fit on both the jaws nicely and leave no sign of their presence. Just as the normal metal braces, aligners create an effective force delivery system through the aligners and this pressure remains constant till you reach it and gives the desired outcome. Each aligner causes incremental movement of the teeth before they are changed by the next one in the order after 2 weeks.

3. What Are Its Advantages?

Invisalign can be used and removed from any trouble. Being the best invisible aligners, it can align the teeth without getting the reputation of the metal mouth. As it can be taken out of the mouth while you are having food, brushing, and going out to the party. Even dental orthodontics says Invisalign is an excellent choice as it does not cause harm like cuts and injuries to the mouth. As there are no metal braces or wires, it does not create mouth irritation and gives pain all the time.

4. What about Time and Expenses?

Contrary to popular belief, Invisalign is not a time-consuming method. A visit to the dental orthodontics once every 4-6 weeks is enough to stay on the plan.

Invisalign braces cost a little extra but you can take this treatment of credit card to pay out flexibly.

5. How Long to Wear It?

Aligners are supposed to be used for 20-22 hours a day for getting the results. Look for Invisalign near me for getting started.