What Kind Of Anesthetics Are Given During Wisdom Teeth Removal?

March 28, 20220

The wisdom tooth removal process normally takes about 45 minutes or less. During the process, the dentists will give you anesthesia to numb the tissue and to relieve you from pain after wisdom teeth removal. Three types of anesthesia are generally given to patients.

  • IV sedation. The dentist will give you anesthesia to numb your mouth as well as inject the anesthetic drugs in the veins of your arm to make you drowsy or even fall asleep during the whole procedure.
  • Anesthetic or local anesthetic drugs such as lidocaine, novocaine, or mepivacaine. Your dentist might also make you inhale laughing gas or nitrous oxide to make you relax or even dose off during the surgery, but you might feel alert soon after.
  • You’ll either breathe laughing gas or get injected with anesthetic drugs. You’ll be asleep during the whole process during the surgical procedure.

What are the situations that lead to Wisdom tooth removal?

The third set of molars which are located at the back of your mouth is called wisdom teeth. They usually erupt at the age of around 17 to 25 and maybe even later. Most people have them removed through the wisdom teeth removal process. Wisdom teeth removal healing may take time but you’ll be completely healed in around three weeks.

  • Impacted tooth. Due to the far back location of wisdom teeth, there might be a possibility that they do not erupt in a correct or normal position. There’s a chance of them getting stuck in the jawbone or trapped in the gums.
  • Your mouth is narrow. If your mouth is narrow and there’s no space for an extra set of teeth or molars.
  • They erupt at the wrong angle. If your wisdom teeth come in at a weird angle then it can cause pain or cut the cheek skin or press against the other teeth.
  • You have cavities or infections. This can happen due to poor oral health or if your toothbrush doesn’t reach the back of your mouth. Resulting in cavities.

Can you explain the recovery process of wisdom tooth removal?

It might take up to 2 weeks or more from healing wisdom tooth hole and to recover from the procedure. During this time you may experience-

  • Some mild visible swelling and bruising on your cheeks. It might remain bruised for up to 2 weeks
  • Swollen mouth and cheeks. You’ll feel pain and worse swelling for the first few days and it will slowly and eventually disappear. wisdom teeth removal recovery timeline says that you’ll be completely healed in two to three weeks.
  • An unpleasant taste, foul breath, and pain in your mouth for a few days

What is the self-care advice to follow after the surgery?

wisdom teeth healing process will be quick if you follow this advice-

  • Avoid intense exercises for a few days
  • Take painkillers prescribed by your dentist.
  • Use a soft and comfortable extra pillow to support your head at night.
  • Avoid smoking
  • Drinking from a straw
  • Eat soft food like mashed potatoes and smoothie
  • Avoid extremely hot and cold food


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