A Florence Hotel That Has It All

February 9, 20200

What do you look for in a hotel? A Florence hotel is sure to have it all. Some want a quiet retreat while others want to be close to the action. Making your own checklist of your likes and dislikes when it comes to turning in for the night will help you find a good Florence hotel. This will serve as your home base to day excursions or just a walking tour of the city.

Florence Accommodation Checklist

Take a minute to evaluate your preferences by answering a few questions:

1. Do you like an extremely quiet hotel?
2. Do you like to rent a car and drive to most attractions?
3. Would you like a home-like feeling to your sleeping arrangements?
4. Is it important for you to be able to cook small snacks or meals in your room?
5. Will you have children with you on your Florence vacation?

If you answered “yes” to most of these questions then you many like a Florence farmhouse or apartment arrangement. A farmhouse will be outside the city limits and apartments can be either in town or further away in the surrounding towns.

Now evaluate yourself on these questions:

1. Do you like to have room service at your hotel?
2. Would you prefer to use public transportation to get around?
3. Do you want to be within walking distance of tourist attractions?
4. Is it important to you to have services available 24 hours per day?
5. Do you like an active night life?

If you answered “yes” to most of these questions, then you are probably looking for a larger hotel, perhaps a well-known chain, in the heart of the city. Here you will have amenities such as room service, and you will be able to get around without having to rent a car.

The Sites of Florence

Within the general area of Florence there are hotels, bed & breakfast inns, farmhouses, villas and apartments. If you are planning to stay for an extended vacation or 2 weeks or more, it can be more affordable to stay in a villa or apartment where you can shop for your own groceries and not need to eat every meal out.

If you are looking for luxury and service, then full-service hotels or well-staffed villas are a good option. No matter what type of accommodations you choose, you will want to visit the Florence museums and travel the countryside of Tuscany.

Within the city limits of Florence there is world-class shopping. Gold and leather are especially good purchases, since the quality is extremely high, but prices are low. Also, the museums of Florence house masterpieces by the world’s greatest artists. In the country side you will find the wine of Chianti to be a memorable experience.

Everything is within a short drive outside the city or within walking distance in the city. So no matter what type of Florence hotel you end up staying in, you will not be far from the best tourist attractions. Also within a day’s drive or train ride are the attractions of Venice, Rome, and Bologna. Florence is central to it all.