Quality Hotels In Cornwall Prove Different Can Be Better

February 10, 20200

“Why be normal?” You have probably seen this question plastered on mugs, buttons, and bumper stickers. If you think about it, this could be considered a rephrasing of the saying, “Variety is the spice of life.” Variety makes life interesting. We can choose which flavor of ice cream we want at an ice cream shop. When choosing a vehicle, a seemingly endless supply of makes, models, and features exist. And when choosing someone to date or marry, there seem to be as many varieties of people as stars in the sky. Often, the variety in our lives is created by people who have chosen to be different from others in society. Normal refers to what is common and expected. By going outside the realm of normal, we can indeed spice up our lives and the lives of those around us. Likewise, when visiting England, you might want to consider visiting the county of Cornwall. While exploring what makes the area refreshingly different from the rest of the country, you can also enjoy a quality hotel in Cornwall.

Plateaus and Peninsulas
Cornwall’s uniqueness begins with its geography. Bordered by the region Devon, the Atlantic Ocean, and the English Channel, it is classified as a peninsula. Cornwall is also a plateau that lies near sea level. The industries of Cornwall vary from farming to ship repairing to tourism. Even the fishes that are caught along Cornwall’s coasts are not as plentiful in other parts of England. This includes the pilchard, a small relative of the herring. After hitting the various tourist spots in Cornwall, you will be ready to kick back and relax in a quality hotel in Cornwall.

Not Your Average “Once Upon a Time”
While resting in a quality hotel in Cornwall, you will have the opportunity to read up on Cornwall’s history, which is relatively unique from other British regions. Here is why.

* In the 1300s, the county of Cornwall was organized as a duchy –a region that is ruled by either a duchess or a duke.

* The Wesleyan movement, begun by Charles and John Wesley, became prominent in Cornwall during the 1700s. Today, the Methodist church is the most common religious group in Cornwall.

* The Cornish language is related to Breton and Welsh, but all speakers of Cornish have used both English and their native tongue since the 1700s.

* Cornwall did not quickly acknowledge the Reformation. This was a movement of Western Europe during the 1500s which attempted to change particular beliefs and traditions of the Roman Catholic Church. This resulted in the creation of Protestant churches. In fact, thousands of Cornish people marched in the middle 16th century, in support of the Roman Catholic Church’s religious service.

Sleeping in Style without Prices Being Sky High
Mirroring the uniqueness of the landscape and history of Cornwall, staying at a quality hotel in Cornwall will supply you with an above-average experience that you will never forget. This type of hotel can be situated close to all of the major tourist destinations of the county. At the same time, it offers you a brief getaway from your thrilling yet tiring sightseeing. Luxurious amenities such as air-conditioned units, indoor pools, golf courses, saunas, and satellite TV can be offered for outstanding prices at a quality hotel in Cornwall.

So, why be normal when in Cornwall? Being different can be better. After all, Cornwall is a British region that is interesting as it is unique. Staying in a quality hotel in Cornwall is another experience that will make your trip above and beyond what you ever could have imagined.