Does a Brazillian Butt Lift (BBL) last forever?

January 17, 20220

Brazillian Butt Lift is gaining famous globally among all womens. However, they are not having a history such as a breast augmentation. As per the ISAPS, it is one of the best and top 10 most-performing processes of plastic surgery internationally. Many people have plenty of questions about the BBl and in this article, you will get all your answers for the BBL surgery. To find out, read the article given below!

What is BBL surgery?

A Brazilian butt lift is a famous cosmetic process that includes the transfer of fat to support and create more richness in your backside.

Brazilian butt lift surgery is a process that includes the molding of the shape and proportions of the buttocks in an appealing and charming form. The BBL surgery comprises a skilled cosmetic surgeon that uses a fat transfer device to acquire a round shape buttock. The patients may also compare the Brazilian butt lift before and after images to watch out for the miracles of treatments. The surgery of BBl would last several years.

What are the steps included in BBL?

The listed below are some steps which you need to follow for the process of BBL surrey.

  1. Sedation
  2. Fat Removal
  3. Fat Purification
  4. Injection
  5. Stitching

When these steps are completed that means you have done with your surgery.

What are the benefits of BBL?

Listed below are the benefits of BBL-

  • A Safe Procedure and enhance the body posture
  • BBL diminishes the fat from other parts of the body
  • Gives you a natural and aesthetic look
  • Your clothing will be more flattering
  • It makes you feel confident
  • The safest form of butt enhancement
  • Cellulite is less visible
  • Get faster results

What is the Safety of Brazilian Butt Lifts?

The process of Brazilian butt lift is commonly safe, however, similar to all surgeries, they might have some bbl scars and bring risks. The most usual side effects like swelling, asymmetry, infection, bruising, and pain in the treatment area. Having a skilled, experienced, and qualified surgery and following the aftercare instructions might help you to undervalue the risks.

These are considered more effective and safer than traditional butt implants, this might flip or put force on the nerves of the legs. And these might be a lot safer than silicone injections, that is banned in most countries because of the critical complications.

What is the cost of BBL?

The average cost of Brazilian butt lift surgery is between $2000-$12000. These costs may also get vary as per the surgeon, location, and the complexity of the treatment.

How long does it take to fully recover from a BBL?

The recovery from a BBL would generally take 6 weeks. For the first two weeks, you need to evade sitting and laying directly on the backside. Sleeping will require to be done on the side or stomach, and sitting will need a donut seat or pillow. The pillow and seat will require use for up to 8 weeks in a few cases.


Hopefully, the above article has explained everything about the Brazilian butt lift. To know more about this, do contact our experts. For more information, visit our website!