Why Do Dentists Recommend Wearing Invisalign For 20 Hours A Day?

August 19, 20220

They make these Invisalign trays through tiny adjustments to realign your teeth gradually. Patients suffer little discomfort when changes are made slowly over several months or longer. Invisalign Miami beach begins to work only when the alignment trays are in direct contact with the teeth. The next tray is slightly different from the one before.

The design and calibration of the bespoke trays assume 20 to 22 hours per day of wear. You must follow the advised rule of wearing your Invisalign trays for 20 to 22 hours daily for your cosmetic treatment to proceed as planned.

What happens if we skip wearing Invisalign for 20 hours?

Several issues that could jeopardize your treatment can arise from not wearing your Invisalign trays for 20 to 22 hours each day. These issues can occur because of:


According to Invisalign cost Miami, the first several days are the most crucial time for new tray placement. When your trays are put back in place after not wearing them for even a few hours, you can experience discomfort, and it is because your teeth may shift back to their natural position when you remove the trays.

The discomfort will be less noticeable the first morning after the initial tooth motions. Remember, you should anticipate occasional discomfort during Invisalign north Miami beach treatment, but failure to adhere to the 20- to 22-hour rule will only worsen this brief sensation of pressure and soreness.

Solutions for teens

Teenagers are especially vulnerable to breaking the 20–22 hour guideline. They make the trays by Invisalign with an integrated blue compliance indication that lets parents and Florida orthodontic specialists confirm the trays are being worn regularly.

Delayed results

You might require a new timeframe if you dont follow the 20-hour guideline. Therefore, you risk missing the opportunity to enjoy your new smile on the scheduled day. One of our doctors will evaluate your development during your routine checks. Suppose the teeth have not yet reached their target location. In that case, your sunny isles beach orthodontist may ask you to wear your present tray for longer than the usual two weeks.

Is Invisalign for everyone?

The greatest candidates for the invisible aligners are adults or teens because they are explicitly made for a tight fit. A child’s teeth require more work to straighten. The clinician must remember that young patients’ mouths are still growing and developing when planning treatment. Patients with mildly crowded teeth or slight spacing concerns often utilize clear orthodontic aligners.

How long does it take for Invisalign to straighten teeth?

The amount of tooth movement or rotation required will determine how long treatment with invisible aligners will take. It will take longer if your bite is more irregular or if your teeth are more crooked. Typically, a course of treatment lasts 10 to 24 months. However, if you had braces as a youngster and are now an adult and your teeth have moved somewhat over time, you may only need clear aligners for ten weeks.


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