Why Should I Get Psychiatric Service Dog Letter

December 15, 20210

The recent census revealed that more than 50 million people are suffering from mental disability or some sort of long lasting mental condition. To alleviate the symptoms, experts often recommend pet therapy. Indeed, the unconditional love and support you can get from your four legged companion will offer you peace of mind. But being a pet parent is somewhat overwhelming. Especially when it comes to searching for a good accommodation facility or travelling with your pet. If you have a qualifying disability, you can obtain a psychiatric service dog letter to make your life smooth. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)  provides special legal rights to the disabled, which can be attained through the PSD letter.

What is a psychiatric service dog?

A PSD is a trained dog that can go wherever the owner goes, including a busy environment with a lot of distractions. These dogs are specially trained and their temperament is strictly evaluated to ensure that they are trained to perform their task and won’t be a hazard for the public.

Is there a difference between a psychiatrist service dog and an emotional support animal?

An Emotional Support Animal (ESA) offers mental support but it is not trained like a PSD to perform other tasks. PSDs are helpful for owners with psychiatric disabilities, whereas ESA is only a therapy animal. An ESA can also be a cat as there are no breed restrictions, whereas PSD can strictly be a dog. Your PSD can also be considered your ESA but your ESA can’t be qualified as a PSD without proper training.

What are the benefits of the Psychiatric Service Dog letter?

Living with a pet can be expensive, but not when you have a legit PSD letter. With this letter, you can obtain the legal rights mentioned in the Fair Housing Act (FHA) and Air Career Access Act (ACAA).

  • You won’t require a pet deposit fee and can live at your choice of accommodation. This includes colleges, universities, residence halls and more.
  • Apart from non-pet housing benefits, the PSD letter would offer you the benefit of travelling with your furry friend without paying extra airfare.
  • You have all the rights to stay in an Airbnb and be at public places with no pet policy.

How to get the Psychiatric Service Dog letter?

To get a PSD letter, the first requirement is to have a disability. PSD letters can be obtained from a licensed healthcare provider (HCP). A psychiatrist, a psychologist or a counsellor who is licensed to assess your mental condition can certify that you have a disability and qualify for a PSD.

Either get in touch with one of the nearby HCP or contact an online agency that works with licensed professionals who are eligible to issue a legit PSD letter. Remote assistance is often preferred by people with psychiatric disabilities. You don’t have to leave the comfort of your home. Simply connect with an online service, fill up the form and they will schedule an appointment with a licensed HCP who can assess your qualification for disability treatment or a PSD. In case you have to travel urgently, then the online questionnaire can be assessed by the professionals quickly. You can receive a current psychiatric service dog letter within two to three business days.

Bottom line

A psychiatric service dog is a great help for people with disabilities and those who are around them. To ensure that you and your dog are not discriminated against due to the disability, get in touch with a trusted online agency to quickly obtain the psychiatric service dog letter.